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Are you ready to be a STAR?                 
2023-2024 Season Information is here!


Our core values

                            What is important to us?

                             Do our Values align with yours?

It is our gym’s top priority to build confidence in our athletes while teaching our students at a progression to stress SAFETY in our sport! 

We trust our Coaches 100%! 


We will never compromise technique for difficulty.

We place emphasis on our proper coaching and skill technique.  PA Starz is still the only All-Star Cheerleading facility in the area with every coach obtaining USASF credentialing.

We train the complete athlete….not only does our program refine and improve their athletic skills, we also help instill important values such as sportsmanship, confidence, respect, dedication and teamwork.


Don't see your question ?  Ask Us!!

Member Registration:

$50 non refundable registration fee and online registration required. (March 16th - May 19th)

How long is the season? 

Our FULL YEAR season runs from June - April (maybe early May depending on season end event)

Half - Year season runs from Sept - April

We understand Vacations are planned over the summer and are flexible in that time period with a two-week notice.  After Mandatory Choreography camp  (July timeframe) our strict attendance policy will be instated.


Where will we practice:

Our athletes practice at our Greencastle Facility.


How do evaluations work?

Evaluations are scheduled for the first two weeks in May at our Greencastle Facility

New members will be assessed for skill level to determine the appropriate team level for the individual athlete.

Level 3 and 4 is a mandatory tryout. You may register your athlete via the “Level 3-4 tryout form” after your registration has been completed.  If your child does not make the Level 3 or 4 team they will be placed on an appropriate team for their skill level.


If the team placement does not work for our schedule do we still have to join the team?

You will have 2 days to accept your team placement via email. If you choose not to continue with the season you will forfeit your registration fee.


What Levels/Divisions will you have?

Levels/Divisions are based on skill and age. After evaluations we will determine where each team will be the most competitive. You may find your child has been placed in a level that is above or below what you expected. Coaches make these decisions based on many different criteria, including the number of team members that can execute the maximum skills for that level/division.  

To see a list of USASF divisions/levels/skill requirements please go to


Is it possible there will not be a team for my child (due to Age/level)?

Levels/divisions are determined by the number of participants that is able to execute the maximum skills for the appropriate level. If there is not an appropriate team we can look at other options such as competitive stunt groups/solo performances/ or crossover options (pending enough interest).


How many Competitions?  Travel Requirements?

We will shoot for 7 competitions a season with two of them being a 2-day event (out of town overnight) not including Final Events.  Competitions are with in the PA and MD area. Our tiny novice team will attend less events. Competitions are chosen based on cost of travel, timing, company affiliations, and progression of competition size. We will give you a schedule of competitions around the beginning of September.

US Finals- Tiny Novice team will not attend.  All other teams will be on track to attend if invited.

D2 Summit- Only Level 3 and/or 4 if they qualify for a bid. (will not attend US Finals if attending Summit)


Can my child play other sports and cheer at the same time?

Yes, as long as schedules do not conflict and the athlete adheres to our attendance policy.


Can my child be on a team with their BFF?

Each child will be placed at the most appropriate team for them.  Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate preferences.  We pride ourselves as one large family and we are certain team members will form close bonds to last a lifetime.


My Child only wants to participate if they can be a Flyer/Back Spot/Base…

Every All Star cheerleader should be aware that this is a team sport. Decisions are made based on what is best for the team and the performance. There may be times when a parent or athlete may question a coach’s decision. Before discussing these issues with any gym staff, you should always ask yourself whether this decision was better for the team even though your child may not be in the position they had hoped.


If we do not join next season, will you buy back our uniform?

The organization will not buy uniforms back, but we will try to match families up that would like to purchase a gently used uniform for a discounted price.  Any uniforms considered to be in the “uniform swap “program will need inspected for suitability (no missing rhinestones, marks, fading, rips, ect.)


Can I try out without registering?

Tryouts are only available to registered participants only.

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